Delivering world-class commercial real estate services throughout dynamic communities

The Villages® is home to a diverse portfolio of commercial, residential, and recreational properties. Our class-A facilities and several hundred commercial tenants provide services to residents throughout The Villages community.

The Villages Commercial Property Management applies the Core Values of Hospitality, Hard Work, Innovation and Creativity, and Stewardship to do our part in providing a community where peoples’ dreams come true.

The Villages Commercial Property Management Services

The Villages Commercial Development

The Villages Commercial Development oversees the planning, development and brokerage of all commercial space within The Villages, which includes a portfolio of approximately 8 million square feet of retail, office, medical, professional, senior living and industrial product with more on the way.

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The Villages Commercial Property Management

By working diligently to provide quality maintenance programs, prudent financial management, and outstanding tenant relations we ensure the best environment for our tenants and residents. We partner with local municipalities, community development districts, and vendors while working alongside our tenants and residents in order to provide a variety of resources and excellent service.

Operations Support

Our operations support team is responsible for handling all clerical duties, supporting our Property and Facility Management teams, and acting as a liaison between our office, other departments, and our tenants.

Property & Facility Management

Our Property and Facility Managers are responsible for overseeing specific properties throughout the community to ensure quality, efficient, and profitable properties while maintaining terrific tenant relations.


Leveraging the latest software and technology, our accounting team manages and oversees the day-to-day financial operations of the department. The accounting team works with property managers, tenants, vendors, and other accounting departments within The Villages® to provide outstanding customer service through robust reporting services, responsible quality assurance practices, and efficient budgeting and forecasting.

Project Management

Project management is a part of every team in our department; working closely with tenants, vendors, and teammates to provide cost estimations, budget management, and project timelines. From managing construction projects from start to finish and commissioning new facilities, project management demands coordination with architects, engineers, contractors, vendors, and local government agencies to ensure quality results.