Lake, Sumter, and Marion counties document the rapid growth in population that will be anticipated within The Villages. The significant increase in growth is not only expected to continue over the next five to ten years but well into the next two to three decades.

The Buffalo Ridge Core Trade Area encompasses the area in Sumter County’s northeast quadrant that is approximately 315 square miles and similar in size to a 10 mile radius. The Buffalo Ridge Core Trade Area has 114,053 residents with a projected build out of 154,490 residents by the year 2017.

The Regional Trade Area, surrounding the Core Trade Area is approximately 550 square miles and distance range from 10 miles to 14.5 miles. The Regional Trade Area has 162,421 residents and with a projected build out of 210,707 residents by the year 2017.

A variety of factors are attracting developers and home buyers to the central Florida area, including proximity to the Orlando area attractions and shopping; access to Florida’s highway system via Florida’s Turnpike, I-75, and I-4; attractive rural landscape; and the affordability and availability of large tracts of land.

Listed are some major economic factors in Florida that will re-distribute the amount of growth towards the trade areas located in The Villages.

  • Wave of growth moving westwards from Orlando through Orange and Lake Counties into Sumter, Polk, and Marion counties.
  • The Market for adult lifestyle communities will continue to raise overall densities of development like The Villages and become the destination for population expansion.
  • As Florida continues to grow at a national-leading pace, residents and businesses will locate from the coastal areas to establishments of large planned communities within accessible inland areas such as The Villages.